The Book of Stones is finally here末a labor of love for Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. I am excited that it describes over three hundred stones and that the photographs are of such high-quality specimens! With photographs, metaphysical properties, folklore, key words and affirmations for each stone, the book is filled with information and with beauty!
末Melody, author of Love Is in the Earth

The Book of Stones has taken crystal information, which began over thirty years ago as a mystical New Age tool for healing, and elevated this knowledge into a higher, more technical art form. The classification of each stone offered for our consideration is impeccable, along with wonderful photos末creating an intimate connection with each of the wide variety of minerals presented. This book is a welcome addition to the world of stones, and offers us all an opportunity to sharpen our skills and renew our interest in the crystal-healing world.
末JaneAnn Dow, author of Crystal Journey: Travel Guide for the New Shaman

Quite easily the most comprehensively written and beautifully photographed book on the subject that I致e come across. If you own only one reference book on stones and crystals, make sure that this gem is this one.
末Dr. Eric Pearl, author of the international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

In this time of social fragmentation and isolation, many of us who work to reclaim remembrance and participation in the living world lament the scarcity of elders and initiators to guide our efforts. As if in answer to our need, The Book of Stones carries us outside the human world to a gathering of wise elders. Here the stone people speak to us, in many voices, of forgotten stories and unknown wisdoms which will sustain us on the path of soul.
末Daniel Deardorff, author of The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture, & Psyche

The Book of Stones takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the world of minerals, gems and crystals, their spiritual properties and their applications for inner growth and self-healing. The writing is clear, thoughtful and easily understood, and the inclusion of scientific data, history and folklore helps make the book a valuable resource for those with an avid interest in the mineral kingdom.
末Thom Hartmann, author of The Prophet痴 Way and The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

The Book of Stones is a compelling reminder that the ground we walk on is sacred. Robert Simmons shows that an encyclopedia of minerals need not be dry and dusty. This work is many-faceted, full of mythic implications. Robert writes with the surety of a scholar and the grace of a poet. His co-author, Naisha Ahsian, gives us, in the most natural way, a glimpse of the supernatural, woven in with every mineral.
末Stephen Larsen, author of The Shaman痴 Doorway and the Joseph Campbell biography A Fire in the Mind

This is a book written with loving attention by two gifted practitioners who have each spent over twenty years learning, through study and experience, what the crystals have to offer us and how we can work with them for self-healing and enlightenment.
末Metaphysical Guide Magazines: Buyers Guide